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Your Monday Blessing (9/29/14)

May your sorrows, your regrets, your mistakes, your lost loves, your false hopes, the emotions that still cling to you, the sadnesses of this world, all change color into something beautiful before they fall off the tree.

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Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Now, today, tomorrow, and more is our 5775th opportunity (more or less) to get it right. Speak now, make amends, and let go your grip of whatever peace you keep locked inside you. May the words of our lips and … Continue reading

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God wants you to hurry! Hurry! HURRY! Drop what you’re doing! The bell has rung, come running! This is too good to miss. Quit your dawdling, now now now! There’s no time to waste, put down everything, and if you … Continue reading

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Your Monday Blessing (9/22/14)

May you live on the earth. May the trees give you breath, the rain give you movement, the goods of the ground feed you and fire keep you warm. May you have a family of beings that caused your coming, … Continue reading

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Ode to a Spinosaurus

Ode to a Spinosaurus (in honor of Scotland, and with apologies to Rabbie Burns) Huge, freakish, loomin’, petrifying lizard, O what a hunger’s in thy gizzard, What would’st thou give to some evil wizard To teleport me there! From where … Continue reading

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The prayers of the reluctant lawn mower

The prayers of the reluctant lawn mower are answered by the rain. Another day for reading books inside, to live in peace, excuses falling from the sky as grace. I ask forgiveness from the summer hands who clasp at straws, … Continue reading

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Your Monday Blessing (on the occasion of the poet’s birthday)

May wrinkles find their way into your face, and may your hair turn white. May your gait become a tottering challenge, and may the noises of the world retreat further and further from comprehension. May words fail you. May you … Continue reading

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