Hi, welcome to the sermon page! To view all the sermons, click here:

You should see them arranged with the title and first paragraph – click on “see more” to read the whole thing. There are multiple pages worth of sermons – to see more, scroll to the bottom of the page.

If you want only audio files of sermons, or only text, choose one of the following:

For links to other people’s sermons I think are fabulous, check out:

For an adorable kitten, check out:

At the bottom of each sermon you’ll see the sermon is “tagged” with words and phrases like “Living a Good Life”, “Jesus”, “Buddhism” etc. Click on any of these tags and you’ll see all the sermons on that subject.

If you’re having trouble navigating around, or if you have a suggestion to improve the site, please click “leave a comment”. I do get these comments and enjoy reading them. Thanks! -Bob


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