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Your Monday Blessing: How Love Gets Made

How Love Gets Made Our hearts beat time As neurons race to build a bridge To anything outside of itself. A thousand strands hoist sparks to greet the wind. A network of millions carries enough excitement To be aware of … Continue reading

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Tanka: everything left

Love is everything you left in the sink, the washing up that awaits the heart that’s ready for warm suds and rolled-up sleeves.

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The Eritrean

The Eritrean Haftom Zarhum, an Eritrean, asylum seeker, and human being, was crawling on the floor, as bullets flew. Haftum was following the rules laid down for outsiders in a strangers’ country. But all the wide white world knows a … Continue reading

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Your Monday Blessing: Special Offer

I don’t want to brag, but sometimes I walk the little lane behind the recycling drums, and, if the stars are out at night, I purchase the entire universe in exchange for whatever happens to be in my breast pocket.

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