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Signs of the Times

What is poetry? Only the poets ask themselves this; everyone knows. It’s rhymes and lines and lavender bows.   What is art? The new exhibit’s about this, but nobody goes. The world is too full of television shows.   What … Continue reading

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The Turtle Dove

Your (perennially tardy) Monday Blessing: The Turtle Dove   My faith in turtle doves is hard to quantify. I know the sound well: a throaty, mournful, muted trumpet, that collides with the atmosphere and flares out dully into glory. The … Continue reading

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Attention, Deficit, Hyperactivity, Disorder: The American Crisis

Part 1 of my four-part sermon on what is going on in America can be found at: View at

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Blessing for Beginnings

Blessing for Beginnings If you are well, If you are fit, and ready, and healthy, And energized, Then now is the time to begin. Begin the novel, begin the exercise regime, Begin the new you, begin the home improvement, Begin … Continue reading

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