Hamlet in Haiku

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King Claudius .My dear brother’s death
.              .               .Is green in sad memory,
.                              .But I’ve plucked the fruit.

.                              .I wed his widow,
.                              .Am plowing his rightful lands,
.                              .No one can stop me.

.                              .Fortinbras threatens.
.                              .Tell his uncle, “cool your jets.”
Voltimond        .We’ll show our duty.

(Exit Voltimond, advisors)

Laertes               .Well, I’m off to France.
Polonius            .I’ll miss you, but c’est la vie.
King Claudius .Take thy fair hour, bud.

King Claudius .Hamlet, my neph… son
Hamlet               .More than kin, and less than kind.
King Claudius .Gloomy weather, eh?

Hamlet              .I’d wish for less “son”.
Queen Gertrude Hamlet, glum looks don’t suit you.
.                             .You know death’s common.


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