Hamlet – Dramatis Personae

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Here, to help guide you,
Is a list of the people
Who speak in the play:

Hamlet’s the main man.
His father, the king, is dead.
Uncle Claudius

Is now king – and Dad,
For he’s married Queen Gertrude,
Hamlet’s dear mother.

Lord Polonius
Has two kids: Ophelia,
Hamlet’s sweetie-pie,

And bro Laertes.
Polonius gives advice
In the royal court.

There’s two courtly dupes,
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern,
(Fun to say out loud),

And Hamlet’s true friend,
Horatio, who visits
Denmark from college.

The king’s entourage
Includes Osric, Voltimond,
Others I forget.

Watchmen keep the view,
Reynaldo does the bidding
Of Polonius.

Fortinbras is Prince
Of Norway. Spoiler alert:
We’ll meet his Soldiers.

Gravediggers, Actors
and Ambassadors will all
Make appearances.

So does Hamlet’s Dad,
The former king. He is dead,
To begin with, but…

Get your copy of the whole haiku play at:

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