Your Monday Blessing: The Phoenix by Cheryl Dedecker

Your New Year’s Monday blessing comes to you from the pen of a friend and poet, Cheryl DeDecker. Thank you, Cheryl!

The Phoenix 2015

A sense of anticipation
And a dull sense of sadness
Both claiming space in her heart
At the same time
Dancing thoughtfully in the space
Between past and future
Acknowledging loss and joy
Faces–once so familiar
Now fading, like a sweet dream
She would hold on
If she could
If only she could
But now is the time for letting go.
Aches, cold.
Unwanted companions
Dull feathers
All color spent
In pursuit of bright dreams
Cover her
She is ready
Facing that last setting sun
Eyes closed, yet every cell aware
Sensing the light and colors
Red, orange, yellow
Shining upon her and through her
Yet not igniting yet
The spark begins
When she unleashes
And releases the flood
Of fears, insecurities, doubts
Want, Uncertainty, Anger…
With anger, the real flames begin
And burn
With consuming waves
Until the red of anger turns
To all white flame
Flickering with forgiveness now
And the dull feathers fall away
Or float away
Ash in the air
Leaving now the brightest crimson shades
The Phoenix
Beginning anew
She stretches in delight, breathes deeply
Filled with excitement and energy.
Possessing wisdom
Having overcome obstacles
Having been present
Opening her eyes and her heart
To hope,
And possibility.
Happy New Year!
May your heart be renewed and your spirit strengthened!

Cheryl DeDecker

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Unitarian Universalist minister, poet, husband, father, three-chord guitar wonder.
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