Your Monday blessing: for Martin Luther King day

It is easy to see a threat
or a statistic
or a shadow
or a foreigner
or a project
or a failure
or the help
or a demon
we see these things as easily
as breathing
we can see them without seeing
any color in the world whatsoever

but to see a person
to really see a person
as we were seen
as we were known
as we were loved
from the balcony
from the hill
in Jerusalem
and even in Memphis
to see a person
as a person
takes the songs that sing freedom to sheriffs
and the love that carries hate on its back
and the no, the great no-nevers that are plagues
for the bus schedule souls that run this Auschwitz world
to see a person takes thousands of years
it takes the very lives of those who live unto their deaths
it takes a little faith
that would grow in the wounded cracks of our violent heart
it takes a little faith
that is why people find it so hard

just once
seeing a person’s
and their expression
and the size and content
of their life
which is as big as everything
you’ve ever known
and stretches far beyond the corners
of your control
imagine really seeing a person
as a person
and every ounce of their pain

imagine getting to see all that
imagine choosing to see all that

this is why the ages sing
so loud
as we stumble about with the eyes
we were born with

About bobjanisdillon

Unitarian Universalist minister, poet, husband, father, three-chord guitar wonder.
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