The Summer Moon

Your Monday blessing: last of the summer reruns and then I mean to dive into the writing again, spirit willing. Here’s one from three years ago.
The Summer Moon
(for Abe)
I walked to the moon, but I didn’t get there,
though I walked for a long, long while.
I carried a sword, and my teddy bear,
before it got soon,
before it got soon.
The grass it was high, the moon it was wet,
as the stars spilled their light for a mile,
the cleverest cat that ever you met
watched us go by,
watched us go by.
The crickets told tales of pirate ships,
And monsters that jumped in the sea.
I kissed my bear with both my lips
and looked for whales,
and looked for whales.
We travelled around this planet so wide,
to where people drink cows with their tea,
A land where the butter has bread inside,
and lost is found,
and lost is found.
The moon opened wide, and sang us a song,
I never had heard before.
My teddy and I, we whispered along,
and sang inside,
and sang inside.
Our journey was done by the end of the world,
and I knocked upon my front door.
My eyes went inside as my dreams unfurled,
and the moon still sung:

About bobjanisdillon

Unitarian Universalist minister, poet, husband, father, three-chord guitar wonder.
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