An Alien Astronomer Reports on System B^DX4-2

System B^DX4-2 is a promising one. A single mid-size star, with a number of planets in orbit – 6 visible. Gravity tables put the likely total at somewhere between 8 and 16.

Star 1-B^DX4-2 is just post-midlife, stable ordinary. Nothing much to report. Of the planets, 2 stand out as being particularly interesting. B^DX4-2.# has a number of rings, presumably made of ice, rock, or plechs. It’s a stunningly beautiful planet. B^DX4-2.” is a nicely-sized storm ball, with terrific colours, pressure stripes, and a gradually diminishing anticyclonic formation. It could keep an avid astronomer watching for days, in quiet pleasure.

The other planets are small, presumably rocky, and difficult to say much of.

B^DX4-2 lies firmly within the life-sustenance vectors, and so there is the distant possibility that it hosts organic matter. While the probabilities are always slight to nothing, they are not nothing, and further study is required. Any life is more than likely microbiological and rudimentary. Still, we know in theory evolution could happen on other planets, just as it has here. Perhaps, they too have their astronomers, skurlling out from there anomedizers in our direction, and imagining what form they take. Perhaps they too enjoy long lunches, batamize in the evenings, and write poetry. Though it may be doggerel from our perspective, nevertheless, how humbling it is to be watched, in the mind’s kur, by the imagined watcher. We must never lose hope of the diminishment of our self-importance.

The files for System B^DX4-2 are stored in the database and available on alternative Tuesdays for inspection.

Respectfully submitted,


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