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Dirt Wars

Not a lot of people know this, butwhen dirt has wars with other dirt,they threaten to reduce each other to human being.They may even call each other human being –or (in a civilized conflict)they root through the internetto dig up … Continue reading

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Shrove Tuesday

In 2022, on Shrove Tuesday,forty miles of Russian tanks drove into Kiev,as a global climate report announced that more parts of the planetwould soon be hot, underwater, rife with mosquitos, or extinct.The pandemic had been going for two years. It … Continue reading

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After the Massacre: A Christmas Poem

  When it was accomplished, and Herod’s soldiers returned from Bethlehem, a silence settled over the land like frost. The odd wailing, like the purposeless wind. And it came to pass in those days that a mother, after her child … Continue reading

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Diary of a visit to the refugees

About a year avon, in Nov. 2015, I went for just a few days to the island of Samos with several others to volunteer with the refugees there. It was a wonderful – if harrowing – experience and I’d love … Continue reading

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The Children Herald the Bombardiers

The children herald the bombardiers, as they march through the town, resplendent. The children offer the bombardiers their drawings, their scrap iron, and their kisses. The children step like bombardiers, near the recruiting station (for the children will be the … Continue reading

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Remembrance Sunday Sermon – Park Lane Chapel, Bryn, 2015

They were not just soldiers. They were bricklayers and collier workers and parcel clerks. They were Sunday School teachers and part of the congregation at this chapel, who sat in these pews. They were sons and brothers and new husbands. … Continue reading

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Your Monday Blessing: A young man’s arms

A young man’s arms will never find his granddaughter’s embrace. He knew his desire to be of service, he knew his mates, he saw Verdun, such as it was, he briefly knew a shell, and not much more remains to … Continue reading

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